Floyd's latest books

a splash and a dashKeith Floyd has produced over 20 cookery books but none that specifically showcase his unique style and approach. Many people are so worried about straying from exact measurements or ingredients when cooking that they miss the enjoyment and understanding of the process itself. Always a fan of a 'splash of this' and a 'dash of that', Floyd encourages us to be more intuitive in our approach and to actually relish the experience of creating a dish.

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floyd's thai foodThe original TV chef takes his own personal and practical look at preparing and cooking Thai food and takes you on a gastronomic tour of the country and food. Keith Floyd has been visiting Thailand for over 20 years - this book is a product of all the adventures that he has had, people he has met and recipes he has learnt.

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floyd's chinaCoinciding with an exciting new television series on Discovery Channel, Floyd explores the cuisine of the enormous continent of China. He travels to different regions bringing to our attention a vast range of food types. Floyd immerses himself in Chinese culture and traditions, mixing with the locals, buying produce from the markets, bartering with the shopkeepers, and doing lots of sightseeing as well as cooking! We share in all these experiences and are told interesting anecdotes along the way.

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